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On August 2, 2007 this web site LoveArthurLee.com was created by Diane Lee for the purpose of honoring Arthur, the music he wrote and the band. 

Arthur’s gift to us all was the music. He wanted as many people as possible to hear it, enjoy it, be happy and have a good time. With respect to that, on these pages you will be able to hear songs and see interesting videos. 

Some of the videos being shown on this site are clips taken from a performance at a gig while other videos are from casual settings or rehearsals. Those little treasures are clips of Arthur alone or with friends or with other musicians making music in private moments that fortunately got filmed. The films which were in Arthur's personal collection are now with Diane.

This site will always be about the music and “Keeping the Legacy Alive” and most importantly “With Positive Vibes” 

Announcements of any new projects when completed will be posted on these pages.
Suggestions or comments are invited as are any fan photos you want to send in to share. 

email: andmoreagain@lovearthurlee.com

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