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Diane's daughter, Christian Renay Diaz-Ogden 03/03/63 ~ 10/18/1997.  This photo taken in Colorado where she moved to just after turning 18 in 1981. 

Remembering Marvin White who was Arthur's good friend and a friend to Diane as well.
Marvin passed away June 18, 2008. He was the father of three boys Derek, James and Daniel, father in-law to Derek's wife Marisol and grandfather of their two children Daisy and Anthony. See Amazon.com for information and purchase the book Marvin wrote titled
"The Dream Smugglers" by Martin Blanco.



Remembrance: Sky Saxon. Photo with Arthur, 2004 at The Forum in London. “I only met Sky once or twice when he came to see Arthur back in 1991 or ’92 or both years. Time dulls the memory. Mostly I stayed out of the way while the two guys hung out doing their music things. I was chauffeur for them once on a trip to Malibu where we went to see Arthur’s friend Paul Blakemore. (Paul has also passed on. There is a pic of him in the photo section of this web site)… What I want to say here as I write is, Arthur Lee had a sincere affection and respect for Sky Saxon. I believe the feelings were mutual. So, add one more member to that heavenly band as they continue to rock on.


BUDDY MILES. For Arthur’s friend Buddy Miles, Rest In Peace. Condolences to his wife & family.
Here is a song, for you to listen to titled “Arthur’s Song”, written by Curtis Smooth who with Allan Talbert recorded it in Allan’s home studio. They tell me this is the first mix but I like it just the way it is especially the laughter. Curtis & Allan went to school with Arthur. The three remained friends & stayed in touch all of the years from those school days on… along with many other school buddies who all remained friends into their adult years. But you’ll read about that later on in the book.
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