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The First Band / The First Performance:
The LAG's Perform at SUSAN MILLER DORSEY HIGH SCHOOL LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (1963 ) As recalled by Allan Talbert

"Upon recent rehearsals at Arthur's home rehearsal spot we, the four man group put together by Arthur, were asked by the school to perform the very first rock concert on a high school level. Roland Davis (drums), Johnny Echols (guitar), myself Allan Talbert (sax) and our leader Arthur Lee (organist, songwriter, lead singer).

We could do no wrong!! , every performance standing room only!!!
Teachers huddled together, students shouted their excitations towards us, the responses were wild, like fire crackers going off in different directions until you got used to the constancy of their anticipation. We killed them with our life like renditions of hits on the radio.

Each of the three assemblies escalated to near havoc. However, the last concert for the day was for the entire senior class of 12th graders, our peers and class buddies were treated to the hit song “Last Nite” by the Mar-Keys. The entire auditorium erupted, yelling, screaming, rushing the stage, teachers lost in the sea of lit up students;

We got the message!!! , save yourselves fellas this looks awfully dangerous.
Arthur Lee scrambled to a back stage door, that door was our survival. Students were after us, we ran down the street in front of the school until we hid in Nicks Hot Dog stand begging Nick an old Greek friendly man to lock bar the door!!! . Nick quickly observed the ensuing mob and double locked us all in with the students pounding and trying to gain entry to us.

The music's power was apparently enough to incite rioters and freeing behavior!!! , Maybe successes of the likes of Frank Sinatra and bobbysoxers were on par for something like this. We were totally aghast at this reaction. I believe our name was The L.A.G.’s "

2007 Photo by Harold Sherrick

Johnny Echols & Allan Talbert 2007.jpg

Allan with Johnny Echols 2007
Photo Harold Sherrick

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