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License plate belonging to Robert L. Dean. Photo by R.L. Dean


I (now 64) first saw Love at the Bido in 1966. I went to Viet Nam in '68 and made a "Love Light", light box in an aircraft maintenance shack. In May 2002 I took my kids to see Arthur at the Knitting Factory-Hollywood and brought my "Love Light" and hooked it up on stage. Arthur saw it, liked it and SIGNED it. Not only is it the ONLY "Love Light" in existance, that I know of, but the only signed one, at least to Arthur's knowledge. No, it is definately not for sale.....Steve Schlah 


I was lucky enough to see Arthur seven times in concert in the U.K dating back to 1992 and had the pleasure of meeting Arthur at Heathrow airport . I work for for British Airways and saw Arthur at the boarding gate. Arthur signed his boarding pass for me and we had a great photo taken together . One of the great meetings of my life ! ........ Ed Roose ~ UK 
(Date of photo August 10 ~ year possibly 2004) 


TO: All Arthur (PO ) Lee Fans !!

Arthur's Last Two Shows Ever! Performed in San Francisco CA. U.S.A. The flyer is from the last two shows that Arthur Lee performed. They were at "Cafe Du Nord" on Market St. in San Francisco, California./U.S.A. It was on the eve of what turned out to be the last European tour with out the founder & driving force of one of L.A.'S most loved bands "LOVE " R.I.P. ARTHUR LEE MARCH 7,1945-AUGUST 3,2006 ..
signed.. tim andrews//tiapromotions


Eva (7 years old) has been a fan of Arthur and his music for most of her life. She knows and loves many Love songs and their lyrics as I (her daddy) have been a fan since Baby Lemonade’s second stint with Arthur. I am an old friend of Mike and Rusty’s and was lucky enough to have seen Love with Arthur three times here in San Diego. – Frank Ciriza

Salisbury, UK 1975 by Michael Anderson


Arthur at the Liverpool Summer Pops 2004, photo by John Etherington

03/14/2004 in Florence (Firenze), Italy. What a concert… Simone Branchini

Trancas 1989 by John.

Trancas 1989 by John.

Dukie Anderson and Arthur.

Dukie’s son Jake Anderson.

Pics by Caryne P.



Arthur speaking to Tina – Glasgow

Sheffield 2005 – Arthur with Rusty and Johnny



Pics by Tina Winter, UK. (2004-2005 Tours)

"My son Arthur James Elgey. Less than two weeks old and already playing (okay, holding) his first guitar. It's an ivory SG similar to the one Arthur Lee played, naturally!" {Photo & Quote: Jim Jimmeny 2007}

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