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In honor of Arthur Lee and Love, a plaque attached to the top of seat # 25 in the Grammy Museum Theater is inscribed "Arthur Lee and Love". The theater is part of the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live which is in downtown Los Angeles near everything.. Here's the link http://grammymuseum.org/

First LOVE album released in 1966 title LOVE The band members were ~ Arthur Lee: Vocals, Guitar & Songwriter ~ Bryan MacLean: Vocals, Guitar & Songwriter ~ Johnny Echols: Guitar ~ Ken Forssi: Bass Guitar ~ Alban Pfisterer: Drums. This line up is after Don Conka left the group. We should not forget Don who every one loved & didn’t have a mean bone in his body. See Don in a couple of the video clips on the Video page. Second LOVE album released in November 1966 title “ Da Capo” consisting of band members ~ Arthur Lee, Bryan MacLean, John Echols, Ken Forssi, Alban Pfisterer, Michael Stuart, Tjay Cantrelli. The entire side two of Da Capo is the song “Revelation” controversial & sometimes criticized because of its length of 18.57 min. I remember the first time I heard side B, first thought was “what is this” then of course as I continued to listen, I realized, I liked it. Some like the song while others do not. Elektra credits for the song written on album in this order: Lee – MacLean – Echols - Forssi
Bryan MacLean & Arthur Lee on stage. Check out the guitar” The cover photo on this Rhino EP is from the Michael Ochs Archives. I Love this picture, it makes me smile. The youthful spirit of these guys just shines right through to grab you. Wonder what Bryan & Arthur were thinking or what they just said? In the front row are Michael Stuart & Bryan MacLean. In the back row are Johnny Echols, Ken Forssi and Arthur Lee.
Front cover of the third LOVE album titled “Forever Changes” released in 1967 Band members ~ Arthur Lee, Bryan MacLean, John Echols, Ken Forssi, Michael Stuart.
Now, if you don’t already know about this album be sure to check it out…. twice.. Then come back & visit again. 
“Forever Changes” 1967 album back cover Photo by Ronnie Haran
Band members ~ Arthur Lee, Bryan MacLean, John Echols, Ken Forssi, Michael Stuart
The fourth LOVE album “Four Sail” released by Elektra in 1969 consisted of a new LOVE band member line up who were front man & songwriter Arthur Lee on Vocals, Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar and Conga ~ Jay Donnellan, co-songwriter on “Singing Cowboy” & Lead guitar ~ Frank Fayad, Bass Guitar ~ George Suranovich, Drums. Also Drachen Theaker, Drums on “I’m With You”, “Your Friend & Mine & Good Times” Two songs from the album play on this site. “Always See Your Face” is what’s playing on the HOME page. “Your Friend and Mine – Neil’s song” plays on the “LOVE IS” page. “Four Sail” back cover with additional photo of the band members.
A cool photo of Arthur Lee, Jay Donnellan, Frank Fayad, George Suranovich. The album “Out Here” was released on the Blue Thumb label. Band members were : Arthur Lee, aka “Arthurly” ~ Jay Donnellan ~ Frank Fayad ~ George Suranovich. Written credits read “With special thanks to Paul Martin lead guitar one song ~ Drachen Theaker drums one song ~ Jim Hobson piano & organ two songs (yes, me to, why not Arthur on piano & organ??) ~ Gary Rowles lead guitar one song.” 
Copy of a “Blue Thumb” test pressing from the often talked about jam session in the UK with Jimi Hendrix & Love band ~ Arthur Lee, Gary Rowles, George Suranovich, and Frank Fayad. Magazine photo from an interview in1970: Arthur Lee, George Suranovich, Frank Fayad, Gary Rowles
“False Start” released in 1970 on the Blue Thumb label. On the cover is a photo of the line up of the LOVE Band members: ~ Arthur Lee, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano ~ Gary Rowles, Lead Guitar ~ Frank Fayad, Bass Guitar~ George Suranovich Drums, Nooney Ricket vocals with Arthur except three songs “Everlasting First”, “Stand Out”, “Slick Dick” & Rhythm Guitar all songs except “Everlasting First” 
Special thanks was written to Jimi Hendrix who played Lead Guitar on “Everlasting First” 
“Vindicator” released in 1972 on the A&M label. This is the front cover. The band members on “Vindicator” were: Arthur Lee Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano ~ Don Poncher, Drums ~ Charles Karp, Lead Guitar cuts 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,12 ~ David Hull, Bass Guitar cuts 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,12 ~ Craig Tarwater, Lead guitar cuts 4,10,11 ~ Frank Fayad, Bass Guitar cuts 4,10,11 ~ Clarence McDonald, organ cut 4
Vindicator Inside album photos on the left are of: Charles Karp ~ Craig Tarwater ~ David Hull ~ Don Poncher ~ Arthur Lee ~ Allan McDougall, Production co-ordinator ~ Allan McDougal with Clarence McDonald ~ Steve Mitchell, Assistant engineer ~ Tommy Vocaro, Engineer ~ Frank Fayad, Bass Guitar. Vindicator Inside album photos on the right are of: Arthur headphones seated at mike ~ Arthur as a toddler with his mom ~ Arthur as a toddler riding his tractor ~ Young Arthur with his aunt “Edwinor” & baby cousin “Peaches” ~ Arthur Lee & Jimi Hendrix ~ Eight more photos of Arthur taken at his house on the hill. One of the photos are Arthur with Riley Racer.
Back cover photo of “Vindicator” Don Poncher in 1971
In this photo are the next group of the LOVE band. All the guys photographed here played on the “Black Beauty” album except for “John Sterling” who played on Reel to Real & performed live with Arthur & the LOVE band. “Black Beauty” musicians were Robert Rozelle, Bass Guitar ~ Joe Blocker, Drums ~ Arthur Lee Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, ~ Melvan Whittington, Lead Guitar. FYI, “Black Beauty” will be “legally” released in the near future. Reel to Real, 1974 on RSO. Do you know this album? Did you wonder about the concept of the cover? 
Inside album photo of Arthur seated on a marble tub / spa / shower / fountain in his home at the time. Back of the album with photo of the band. This LOVE line up was, left to right: John Sterling, Slide and Rhythm Guitar ~ Sherwood Akuna, Bass Guitar ~ Joe Blocker, Drums ~ Arthur Lee Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, and Harmonica ~ Herman McCormick, Congas ~ Melvan Whittington, Rhythm & Lead Guitar. Seven other musicians are listed in the album credits but not pictures. Also listed by name without photo are background vocalists both male & female. 
Album titled “Arthur Lee” Released in 1982 on the Rhino Records. The album has been re-released on CD for sale by Friday Music. Two of the songs on the album can be heard on the “Store” page of this site. Musicians were John Sterling ~ George Suranovich ~ Kim Kesterson and Velvet Turner. Album titled “Arthur Lee and LOVE" released February 1992 on the New Rose label. See the next picture for the band members and visit the Video page to see a clip pf the band doing one or two of the songs live.
The album “Arthur Lee and LOVE” band members, left to Right: Pat Moore, Melvan Whittington, Arthur Lee, Gary Stern and Robert Rozelle. Missing in this picture is Tony Mikesell. Tony can be seen seated at the Keyboards in the video clip from the gig at “At My Place” in Santa Monica, CA. See it on the Video page. The Baby Lemonade / LOVE band circa 1993 with Henry Liu Left to right are, David ‘Daddyo’ Green, Henry Liu, Arthur Lee, Rusty Squeezebox and Mike Randle.
Arthur & the band back again after a much missed absence at “The Knitting Factory” Hollywood California 2002. What a performance, it was a great night. Everyone, friends & fans were all so jazzed. The LOVE band July 2003. Left to right: Mike Randle, David ‘Daddyo’ Green, Arthur Lee, Rusty Squeezebox, Dave Chapple.
Baby Lemonade / Love poster from a gig they did in 2008 . . . . Poster art created by Bob Moors Gary Rowles 2009
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