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My Little Red Book ~ 1966
Arthur, Bryan, Johnny, Kenny, Snoop

You're The Prettiest Song ~ 11/29/91
Venue is "At My Place" Santa Monica California ~ Arthur, Melvan Whittington on the "Flying V" guitar that was once Arthur's. Robert Rozelle on Bass, Gary Stern on Drums, Tony Mikesell on Keyboard

Ninety Miles Away ~ 1991
Arthur at home with his guitar. What we were doing was testing out Arthur's new camcorder. Cool way to test it out ..huh?

Signed DC ~ 2002
Manchester ~ Arthur. Dave Chapple, Mike Randle, Rusty Squeezebox, Dave "Daddyo" Green. Very soulful harmonica & guitar. Don't miss this one.

Everybody's Gotta Live ~ 2002
Manchester ~ Arthur. Dave Chapple, Mike Randle, Rusty Squeezebox, Dave "Daddyo" Green.

Singing Cowboy
LOVE with Arthur Lee & The Forever Changes Ensemble Henry Fonda Theater. Hollywood, CA, 12/27/2003. THANK YOU Jazmaan!

Smokestack Lightnin’ ~ 12/27/03
"The Henry Fonda Theater" Hollywood ~ Arthur introduces the band. You can tell he was happy performing that night.

July 5, 1991
Again wanting to share with you something you probably never saw in a performance or the bootleg circuit. Another casual moment from an in studio rehearsal day where Arthur took a break & rolled right into a short Sam Cooke medley. Sam was but one of Arthur’s many favorite singers. Melvan Whittington on guitar, Robert Rozelle bass, Gary Stern drums.

Rehearsal Studio ~ 4/17/91
This brief video clip is being shared with you as a tribute to Don Conka for the rare moments of him on film playing the drums. Arthur on harmonica (no vocals). Joining in, Melvan Whittington & Sherwood Akuna. Arthur & Don were buddies who had a lot of fun together & a little mischief I expect along with mutual respect.

Arthur Having a Little Fun
When this site was started part of the intent was to show fans some special Arthur Lee ~ stuff. So here’s one for you. A little treasure that might blow you away to a happy place or at the least give you a smile. Guitar in tune or not, this is a treat! Melvan Whittington & Sherwood Akuna with Arthur.

What Arthur was doing after Forever Changes and the Blue Thumb Recordings. “Ninety Miles Away” performed at the Coconut Teaszer 12/27/92. Band members: Melvan Whittington on guitar, Robert Rozelle on bass, Justin Polimeni on drums, Alan Talbert on sax, Tony Mikesell on keyboards. Alan and Arthur went to the same high school. Video shot by Don Conka.

Bummer in the Summer ~ Glastonbury 2003
"This was filmed & recorded by the BBC about an hour before our second Glastonbury performance. There was straw and hay and everything! Daddyo couldn't fit in the car so it was just Arthur, Glenn, Rusty, Chapple and myself there. Poor daddyo Arthur had a great time. So did I. I think Hannah had painted my fingernails purple the day before"
.... Comments courtesy of Mike Randle

Love with Arthur Lee in Malmo, Sweden May 1996. Video shot by the late Gene Kraut.

“Lucy Baines” covered by Yo La Tengo ~ 2006
Beacon Theater. They donated their time & performed at the benefit given for Arthur.

Arthur in Sweden, 2002: Interview & Performance of “You Set The Scene”

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